A Day in the Life: Food Inspectors

A Day in the Life: Food Inspectors-1/7/21

FORT SILL, Okla. (TNN) -Food Inspectors on Fort Sill have a very important job in helping to keep thousands of soldiers safe from food borne illnesses.

In this A Day in the Life segment, 7 News Anchor Makenzie Burk followed several food inspectors around to find out exactly what they look for.

The health and well being of soldiers is a top priority for the ARMY, so making sure what the soldiers eat is safe, is extremely important.

“Just keeping the soldiers safe,” said Jalisa Lockett, Food Inspection Sgt. “Making sure that they have good quality food to eat and they’re not risking their health when they go into the dFACSs, or going to these new facilities. Keeping them in the fight ultimately.”

A couple months ago, they though they had a foodborne illness outbreak at a dining facility, but after further investigation, found it to be an isolated situation.

“But if that would have spread, that particular dining facility could have impacted you know 10,000 soldiers, which would have stopped AIT, and would have stopped you know at least a week or two of anyone doing any type of preparation for an event or deployment or something for that unit,” said SSgt. Jacquelyn McMurdy, Food Inspection NCOIC.

Besides food inspections, they also do sanitary inspections.

“When we do our sanitary inspections, we’re looking at the cleanliness of the facility,” said Lockett. “And making sure that drainages, the sinks, making sure how they’re washing the dishes that the products are going in. Checking the PH levels and things like this.”

Sgt. Jalisa Lockett says she loves her job because it’s different every day. She says practicing food safety is something everyone should do.

“When you’re cooking and when you’re actually storing food and things of that sort,” said Lockett. “I think people kind of overlook that they think of it as like ‘oh I’m gonna take this home and put it in the freezer,’ but it’s so much more that goes into making sure that those bacteria don’t grow on those different products. And things that make you sick, it’s not just a stomach bug that you have, it’s something that happened during the cooking process.”

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