Lawton City Council approves traffic light at 50th and Cache

Lawton City Council approves construction of traffic light

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Lawton City Council approved the construction of a traffic signal at NW 50th and Cache Road at their first official meeting of the year Tuesday.

It’s part of a future development along the south side of Cache Road.

The City of Lawton’s Public Works Director Larry Wolcott said the stoplight will result in fewer wrecks, increase access to businesses and make turning movements much safer.

“It’s not something that the City of Lawton has initiated,” Wolcott said, “it was initiated by the future developer and based on the traffic volumes that were generated a traffic signal was warranted.”

It’s a busy intersection, where many vehicles are trying to get to or pull out of businesses and restaurants.

“In the past, there hasn’t been a traffic signal at that location and it’s made access to that property problematic historically,” Wolcott said. “A traffic impact analysis was completed by the developer.”

One employee at the KIA Dealership at 50th and Cache Road said he watches the traffic every day and sees at least one wreck per week, but he doesn’t believe a traffic light needs to be installed there. He thinks the vehicles exiting Chicken Express are the problem.

“The light really doesn’t do anything because you have a light and then you have another light 50 to 100 meters beyond that, so it’s not going to really divert any traffic,” Barton said. “It may slow down people coming from the west and east, yes, but nonetheless, it’s still going to be a jumbled mess.”

Wolcott said another plus to the new installation is that it will also make crossing Cache Road on foot safer.

“It’ll improve pedestrian access across Cache Road,” Wolcott said. “There will be a pedestrian traffic signal as well. The pedestrian heads that will allow a countdown style crossing, so it’ll give the pedestrians good access going southbound as well as east and west.”

The city is not sure yet when it’s expected to be installed. It’s based on the developer’s timeframe.

The Council also approved an agenda item to consider making the National Guard Armory Lawton Community Theatre’s new home.

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