The Red Cord holding annual human trafficking awareness gala

The Red Cord holding annual human trafficking awareness gala

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - The pandemic has caused human trafficking to increase and one Lawton organization is about to hold its biggest fundraiser of the year to help combat that problem.

Since the start of the pandemic, human trafficking awareness groups are seeing an increase in cases. And it has only grown in recent months.

“We’ve seen human trafficking actually increase during this time of the pandemic so it’s even more important for people to understand what human trafficking looks like, even when it may not be out in the open as much anymore. What does it look like online, what does it look online, what does it look like to your kids, what does it look like to your family,” said Ahsha Morin, President of The Red Cord.

The Red Cord focuses on education, letting people know that human trafficking can happen, and is happening, in their community.

“Human trafficking happens in every corner, nook and cranny of the world. There’s not a community that is immune to it, unfortunately. It happens here in Lawton, it happens in Duncan, it happens in Elgin, it happens in all of our small towns. Anywhere and everywhere. It’s one of the crimes that does not discriminate,” Morin said.

The Red Cord’s biggest fundraiser of the year is their annual Gala, set to take place later this month. Morin says the event will be smaller than normal this year because of the pandemic but is more important than ever.

“Our focus this year is about survivors of human trafficking so our keynote speaker is a survivor and we’ll be sharing three local survivor stories as well,” Morin said.

The event is at the Comanche County Fair Grounds Annex building starting at 6:00 p.m. on January 30th. There will be speakers, a silent auction, and a cash bar.

You can find more information about The Red Cord and how to buy tickets to the event here.

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