LPS staying on top of virtual students attendance

LPS staying on top of virtual students attendance

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Now that the second half of the school year is underway, Lawton Public Schools has sent out a friendly attendance reminder to virtual students.

Lawton Public Schools recently sent out an email wanting to ensure current and new virtual students are completely aware of the district’s attendance policy.

“Whether they are a virtual student in the building or a traditional student that needs to be home for whatever reason that in order to make sure we are counting the child present. That they’re completing their work whether is google classroom for kiddos or using clever for our younger,” Elementary Education Executive Director Karen Cooksey said.

LPS students also have the option to turn in classwork by the end of the school day to be counted for attendance.

Margaux Anduze is a Virtual Teacher for second grade.

She said she prefers that her students show up for the scheduled Zoom class, so they can better grasp things.

“The primary sources for our instruction comes during our Zoom lesson, so it’s really important that parents understand that their children need to be on because they are not just getting instruction through a video that they see on seesaw or google classroom, but they’re also getting them through Zoom. It’s their opportunity to interact with the teachers, ask questions, interact with their peers, and see what their peers are thinking in order to build that learning process,” Anduze said.

Anduze said it’s a 100-percent partnership between both parties.

“There’s always going to be some bumps in the road. I think at the end of the day as long as you have that communication with the families, and the parents, and they understand what the expectations are that it’s easier to make that decision on what’s best for their child,” Anduze said.

Anduze said so far this semester is running smoothly but has had a few challenges with new students joining the bunch.

“It’s a teaching process for us to go back and have to re-teach how to use the programs before they are even able to be successful doing the work online on the platforms like seesaw and google classroom,” Anduze said.

She said it’ll just take a few weeks to get everything under control.

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