Gravel causing dust issues in Lawton neighborhood

Gravel causing dust issues in Lawton neighborhood

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A Lawton man is hoping for a fast solution to clouds of dust covering his home due to a gravel road right behind his place.

Micheal Milich’s house sits directly behind Bishop Road between 67th and 82nd in west Lawton.

He said the City decided to tear up the road a few weeks ago and laid down gravel because of pothole issues.

Now, he’s having to deal with dust clouds.

“To be put blatantly, it’s very disgruntled , it’s disheartening, and I can’t believe we moved back here to Lawton to start our last chapter of life and now we’re dealing with this,” Milich said.

Milich said he and his wife moved into the home back in October.

He said if Bishop Road looked like how it does now, they would’ve never moved there.

“As you can see this is the south, the southwest, and obviously the west behind me. As all Lawton residents know the Spring and Summer these winds are going to be whipping out of these directions about 99-percent of the time,” Milich said.

Milich said he doesn’t understand why the City decided to repave some of Bishop Road and not all of it.

“We assumed the rest of the road up to 82nd would eventually get repaved, and when they started tearing it up a lot of us thought okay here comes the new road. But instead of getting asphalt road like they ripped up, we’re just left with gravel and dirt,” Milich said.

Milich said he reached out to the street and traffic division twice and was told there were no plans to make any changes, which lead him to reach out to Councilwoman Onreka Johnson who’s over his ward.

Johnson said she’s happy he reached out so she could look into the issue.

“One of the things that’s going on right now, the City Manager’s Office is on top of it. They are looking into doing a cost analysis to see what it’ll take to get the road fix,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she’s unaware of how long the process will take.

The City has released a statement saying the Streets Division is laying oil down to help mitigate the dust from the area and management is looking for a long-term solution to repair the road.

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