Ribbon-cutting held for new Cache business, leaders hope others will follow

Ribbon-cutting held for new Cache business, leaders hope others will follow

CACHE, Okla. (TNN) - A grand opening was held for a brand-new business in Cache Friday and business leaders in the town hope it’s the start of a revolution for their downtown.

A ribbon was cut, and the town’s first medical marijuana business officially opened its doors Friday. The business will be far from just a dispensary, but also a way for local artists to show off their crafts.

“We buy so much online that comes from different communities it’s always important to support local artists, to house them in local areas where people will come in. Usually, it’s the local citizens who really want to support local artists,” said Logan Ralston with Fern Medical Marijuana Boutique.

The business sits in the heart of downtown Cache and brings something that Cache residents currently would have to drive to Lawton for. Ralston’s hope is for downtown Cache to continue to grow and bring in new businesses, ultimately becoming a southwest Oklahoma destination.

“I hope that Cache is going to be a place that people come for not only art but for unique experiences,” said Mandy Ralston.

“We want Cache to be something where people want to come out, they want to see cool boutique, downtown areas, mom and pop shops, local shops,” said Logan Ralston.

“I want to make it a fun place for people who come and visit and they love it so much that they just want to stay,” said Mandy Ralston.

Ralston said the way to do that is simple - find people who are passionate about what they do and put that passion on display. And if anyone is interested, there are people ready to help.

“We love to try and help people go in the right direction, whether it be to find a building, to try and find a partner, or any way to start, we would love to help in any way we can,” Mandy Ralston said.

Cache has another new business coming soon, as a new grocery store will be opening in a few months.

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