Rush Springs student sings impromptu National Anthem before basketball game

Rush Springs student sings impromptu National Anthem before basketball game

RUSH SPRINGS, Okla. (TNN) - A 12-year-old Rush Springs student says she is overwhelmed with the support she’s received since her impromptu performance of the National Anthem before a basketball game went viral.

Moments before a basketball game between Rush Springs and Alex, technical difficulties prevented the National Anthem from being played.

“Someone had to sing it and no one else was going to step up and do it so I thought this hey this might be a time where I might as well just sing it you know,” said 6th grader Paetyn Taylor.

Taylor has been singing since she was 4 but says this was a brand-new experience for her.

“I’ve never actually sung that where people could actually see me singing. I was very nervous and then I realized the whole room was getting quiet and was starting to have a lot of looks at me, so I was starting to get really nervous,” Paetyn said.

Everything came together so quickly that Paetyn’s mom, Cassie Taylor, didn’t even see the performance.

“I went to the restroom before the game started so I knew nothing was even going on. I thought I heard her singing and said there’s no way, that’s not her. Then I walk in and all her friends are cheering for her,” Cassie said.

Paetyn said the tradition of playing the National Anthem at any event is important, in part because of her grandpa who served in Vietnam.

“It means something to her. Every time she sings it she says it reminds me of papa Roger every time I sing the National Anthem. We tried to raise her to know that America is the best country you can live in, I want that to mean something to her. When you’re a parent and you see something like that click with them, it’s about the best feeling in the world,” Cassie said.

In the gym, the reaction to Paetyn’s performance was off the charts.

“It was kind of just a whole bunch of oh my gosh because it was literally screaming, echoing in the gym,” Paetyn said.

And on social media, her performance now viewed more than 100,000 times. Her response?

“Oh my gosh mom I’m going to become famous oh my gosh,” Paetyn said.

Paetyn thanked everyone in the crowd for singing along and helping her get through a very nervous moment.

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