Cameron using app to help students track COVID-19 symptoms

Cameron starts using Healthy Together app

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Starting Wednesday, the Cameron University community can collectively track COVID-19 symptoms with the Healthy Together app.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health partnered with the Healthy Together app to provide colleges and universities across the state with a free year of access.

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Success Jerrett Phillips said the University is one of the two in the state that took the opportunity.

“It helps us in our hotline tracking to be able to know if a student, faculty or staff member is becoming impacted by COVID and then we can reach out and be proactive,” Phillips said.

College students are often on the go coming into contact with many people, but he said Cameron’s been fortunate that the campus has kept case numbers down, and they want to maintain that.

“Even though the vaccine is available, we know the majority of our population will not be until the third wave of vaccinations,” Phillips said, “so we want to make sure we have every step, every resource in place to be able to help keep our students safe, so the app is just one more layer of protection if you will.”

Each day, when the user opens the app, it will ask them a series of questions about possible COVID-19 symptoms like fever, cough and loss of taste or smell.

“Depending on the response, the app will give them a passport,” Phillips said. “The passport could show green, which means come to campus and engage in regular activities or red, which is a caution to stay home.”

If responses are severe, the app will list COVID-19 testing sites in the area. The University can also see those passports on their own dashboard.

He said in about a month, Healthy Together is adding more features and functionality that will allow for digital contact tracing and broader communications.

“This app will give us a digital footprint to know a little bit more in case an individual says ‘I went to a ball game, but I don’t know who was there,’” he said. “Now we would know if all the people at the ball game use the app, then we would know who might be impacted.

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