COVID Questions: Health Department addresses availability of appointments

Covid Questions

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - A big challenge people seem to be face in getting the COVID-19 vaccine is availability of appointments.

We’re hearing through our COVID Questions email that people are registering for the vaccine, but when they go to book an appointment, there are none available.

Regional Health Director Brandie Combs says that it’s time for those who received the first dose of the vaccine to get the second dose and the Health Department is trying to keep up with getting second doses of the vaccine out.

This is leading to a shortage of appointments for those seeking the first dose, because both human resources and vaccine supply are focused on the second dose currently.

Combs says this will get better the second week of February, when more appointments will be available. She says the best time to book an appointment is Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, which when appointments are posted.

She also wants residents to remember that the Health Department won’t always be the main place offering the vaccine. As the state continues to receive vaccines, the Health Department plans to push those out to doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other providers.

And if you have to cancel your appointment, you are asked to go through the scheduling portal, because the Health Department can’t cancel appointments for anyone and the canceled appointment could go to another person.

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