Duncan Regional patient benefitting from antibody infusions

Duncan Regional patient benefitting from antibody infusions

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Duncan Regional Hospital is pushing out COVID-19 antibody infusions to those fighting the virus.

The infusion boosts the immune system and attacks the active virus. It helps decrease symptoms and reduces the chance of hospitalization. It’s a process that can take any where between two to three hours to complete.

Sheila Crissman tested positive for the Coronavirus just last month.

She dealt with nausea, body aches, headaches, and coughing.

Crissman received the Covid-19 infusion shortly after her positive test and said it made all the difference.

“It was that night, and the next morning I think there was an improvement. I felt relieved I was really scared of course this is still an unknown virus and unknown territory,” Crissman said.

She said she only suffered from one side effect.

“Yeah I was nauseous but the nurse Joy was wonderful and she explained all of that to me and she was very good at explanations and giving good communication. She told me about some things that I might experience and I did get nauseous so it was nothing I didn’t expect because of here,” Crissman said.

Courtney Schulte is an RN at Duncan Regional Hospital.

She said since the end of November they’ve given out infusions to more than 500 people.

“So we would range anywhere from 10 to almost 24 patients a day just depending,” Schulte said.

She said it’s been a complete team effort meeting those numbers.

To get the infusion you must be 12 or older, weigh at least 88-pounds, and have tested positive within a 10-day window.

Qualifications can range between different age groups, and there are a few things that can disqualify you.

“If a patient is on oxygen at home and they have to get put on oxygen because of COVID that disqualifies them for the infusion or if they require an increase from their baseline. Say they wear two liters of nasal titanium at home and the doc wants to bump them up to four that also takes them out of the equation,” Schulte said.

The infusions at Duncan Regional Hospital are only available if it’s ordered by the doctor.

They’ll go through a check-off list to make sure you qualify.

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