Lawton road crews working diligently to clear roads after winter storm

Lawton road crews working diligently to clear roads after winter storm

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Oklahoma Department of Transportation assistant engineer Tracy Terrill cautions drivers to be especially careful on overpasses and intersections.

Despite slick spots and snow piles on Lawton’s highways and roads continuing to cause potentially dangerous conditions for drivers Terrill insists that his guys are working around the clock.

“We’ve been working 24 hour operations, our crews have been working 12 hour shifts, 12 hours on and 12 hours off, and we’ve split the crew to accommodate 24 hour operations and we’ll keep doing that until we get the roads clear,” he said.

If it looks like the snow hasn’t melted it’s because we got another heavy round last night.

“The roads have greatly improved since this morning. We’ve had crews out basically on 24 operations ever since Saturday night when the first snow storm came in,” said Terrill.

He says his workers have been able to keep the right lane on highways relatively clear and he urges drivers to stay in that lane while driving on the highways.

“The main roads are pretty passable. The right lane, if its a four lane, will still be mostly clear but there are slick spots out there. The left lane will still be snow covered, we’re working on that and clearing the shoulders.” Terrill said.

He asks that drivers use caution when driving.

“Be cautious at ramps and intersections and overpasses right now; we’re still working to clear those,” he implored.

And he has one more request for drivers.

“Be patient with us, we’re working on it as quickly as possible,” Terrill requests.

Terrill says it won’t be long until the roads are good as new.

“The sunshine and warmer temperatures are helping a lot. We expect things to refreeze tonight and we’ll still have some crews out tonight. Really, don’t expect it to be warm enough to have it completely cleared until tomorrow and even then we may still have some shady spots and things like that on our state highways that need our attention. Secondary streets have enough snow pack on them that it may be a few days,” he said.

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