Crews working around the clock to stay on top of water line breaks

Crews working around the clock to stay on top of water line breaks

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - Several cities across southwest Oklahoma are dealing with major water issues, pushing them to ask community members to limit water usage until further notice.

Walters, Frederick, Anadarko and Duncan all have their hands full. They are working to fix main water line breaks that have burst due recent and current cold weather.

Public Works Director Buddy Hokit said within 24-hours, Duncan has lost four and a half million gallons of water and counting.

“We’ll probably go through some more of this when it starts warming up. It’ll probably have the reverse effect to it,” Hokit said.

Hokit said his crews are constantly working to keep the city from losing even more gallons than they already have.

“And we have hired crews to come in to help with the main breaks and give some of our people a little bit of a break and, some additional help,” Hokit said.

Hokit said there isn’t a timeline on when the water lines will be fixed because there have been so many of them in a short amount of time.

“We’re going to continue working on them until we get them all fixed, and we are getting them fixed as they come in. We’re just running ragged trying to keep up with them,” Hokit said.

But Duncan isn’t alone. The City of Walters posted on Facebook that water has recently been turned on and is working it’s way through the city but people should still limit usage.

The City of Anadarko and Frederick are asking their people to refrain from using water unless is absolutely necessary until the water lines are fixed.

Anadarko also mentioned at this pace. The system could run out of water if conservation measures aren’t taken.

If you have a water leak or see water running down the road you can give your local city hall a call to report the outage.

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