Eisenhower Elementary recognizes local leaders for Black History Month

Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 6:36 AM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Eisenhower Elementary Generals are learning about more than historical figures for Black History Month this year.

School officials decided to spotlight one local African-American leader each week to educate students.

Stephanie Overby teaches kindergarten at the school, but it’s not just for her class, it’s school wide.

“We wanted to really highlight people who we don’t often talk about,” Overbby said. “We always hear about Martin Luther King Junior and Rosa Parks, but this year, we wanted to kind of venture out of that and talk about people that we don’t hear about often.”

She said representation matters for children because it helps them see just what they’re capable of.

“The way that we bridge that gap is when we talk to them,” Overby said, “we just say you know these people are right here in our community and these are figures that you can actually reach and see and they are literally walking black history.”

Counselor Cassie Jones started posting the spotlights on Facebook and posts about leaders like Adriene Davis quickly became popular.

Davis is the founder of Hungry Hearts Feeding Ministry, a non-profit that provides meals and groceries to the elderly, homeless, veterans... and anyone else in need of help.

“African-American kids can look and say ‘Wow! I didn’t know there that had these same goals. That aspired to these same goals and they’re actually here in our community,’” Davis said.

Davis said she loves the program and how it inspires kids to be whatever they want to be.

“To become great authors, to become great poets, to become great mayors, to become great presidents, senators,” Davis said. “All those opportunities are available. It’s what we do with what is offered to us and what has been handed down to us from generation to generation.”

Local car dealership owner Ervin Randle is the most recent local leader to be in the spotlight. You can see those posts on the Eisenhower Elementary Generals Facebook page.

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