Edison Elementary, MacArthur Middle School readjust after water damage

Changes for LPS student

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Two Lawton Public Schools are readjusting after winter weather caused extensive water damage to buildings.

Edison Elementary School Principal Dana Moore said they got to the school to find classrooms, the gym, cafeteria and library all under three to four inches of water.

“Our custodian was already en route to do his daily checks on the school anyways, but he came in and we have a little GroupMe and he said send socks when you come because it was everywhere,” Moore said,

Now, Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will be moving over to Learning Tree Academy Thursday.

First through fifth graders will move to John Adams Elementary with Edison faculty and staff.

Kelsey Belden is a third grade teacher at Edison. She walked into her classroom her students call a second home to find it ruined.

“You just think of all the stuff that we’ve been through in our rooms,” she said. “You know, with COVID last year and then coming in this year and kids getting COVID and teachers getting COVID and quarantining and just everything that you’ve been through. You’ve put so much... it’s like your home away from home. When you see all the damage and even now looking around, it’s hard to just not want to cry.”

She said the first two days at Johns Adam will probably feel crazy, like the first day of school, but it doesn’t matter where they are as long as they’re together.

“We are a family and no matter where we go,” Belden said, “we’re still going to be a class, whether it’s here, whether it’s outside on the playground or in a different school.”

At MacArthur Middle School, students will be going virtual until after spring break.

Principal Regina Stuever said they’re much more prepared to move to virtual now than they were last year when the pandemic hit.

“We’re sending out push notifications to our parents with our schedules and what we need our students to do,” Stuever said. “We’re asking for their help to make sure their students log in by their hour. That way they can get the help they need from their teachers so we can keep them moving.”

Counselors will follow-up with students who are not checking in daily.

Parents can still drop students off at Edison at normal times and busses will take them to the alternative school. Teachers will be there for any “stragglers” who get there late.

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