Lawton firefighters volunteer to help Health Dept. administer COVID-19 vaccines

Lawton firefighters volunteer to help Health Dept. administer COVID-19 vaccines

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Never one to shy away from answering a call for help, Lawton Fire Department Assistant Chief, Brent Baggett, signed up to volunteer to give out COVID 19 vaccines to the public as soon as he knew health officials needed him. Other firefighters from the department followed suit.

“With COVID we realized that there’s going to be a large need for people to help with giving vaccines. We’re working with Comanche County Health Department and they stated that they needed extra volunteers so we signed up through the state,” said Baggett.

He was at Lawton’s Central Mall today giving people the shots, said he administered at least 30 of them and was proud to do so.

“I’m proud to be here today to help. I have the medical knowledge and expertise to help and it’s clearly needed with the amount of people who need to be vaccinated so I’m very thankful that I’m able to be here today to help and be a part of this effort,” Baggett said.

And Comanche County Health Department Planning Director, Debra Johnson, is thankful the firefighters signed up to help as well. She said that even though the department has nearly 500 volunteers there is a desperate need of more.

“Currently we have 499 volunteers across the 10 counties that our district serves. And that may sound like a lot but we’re administering, just in the Lawton location daily between a thousand and 1500 vaccines a day three times a week so it takes all hands on deck,” Johnson said.

She says that while the firefighters are medically trained volunteers there is a high demand for both medically trained and nonmedically trained volunteers.

“We need both medical volunteers as well as those who can help with our check in process or our check out process. There’s plenty of opportunities wherever someone feels most comfortable,” said Johnson.

To learn more or sign up for volunteer opportunities visit The Oklahoma Medical Reserve Core’s website.

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