Protesters march to LPD & City Hall, demand body camera footage from officer-involved shooting

Updated: Mar. 2, 2021 at 6:09 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Tuesday, people marched in Lawton in protest of an officer-involved shooting.

Zonterious Johnson was shot and killed by police officers after an incident at a local business in the early morning hours of January 17th.

Tuesday, the group brought forth requests from Johnson’s family, the first being that the body camera footage from Johnson’s shooting is released.

“We should not have to wait for footage that is there and readily available right now for this mother’s cause. We also ask for accountability. Any time a life is taken there should be immediate responses for accountability. We wait too long to ask for basic human rights when a life is taken,” said activist and event coordinator Amberly Taylor.

The group of Lawton residents and people from across the country marched to the Lawton Police Department before heading to City Hall.

“We know that today we’re not going to get instant results. The reason for this is to get everybody together so we can talk about what’s going on, address the issues and put together a game plan together,” Taylor said.

“We’re out here fighting for him to get justice, it won’t be today, it might not be tomorrow, it might not be for the next month but we’re going to fight for it until we get there,” said Nicholas Evans.

The group carried signs that said things like release the footage while chanting things like no justice no peace. That’s a message they hope the whole community echoes.

“If I hold my voice back and don’t stand up and fight for my community, I’m not playing my part. Every small part adds up to the bigger whole. I have a son that will be here in April and he could lose his life in this society just as if you or I could,” said Trrii The Truth.

“I hope that this can show the community that we can all come together and fix the problems that have been going on,” said Unique Futrell.

“Justice and truth and peace in our city. No more of this killing and going back and forth fighting with each other. We’re supposed to unify and work together. Nobody is better than nobody, cops aren’t better than us, we aren’t better than them,” said Brashown Merriweather.

The group is also asking that an oversight community board overlooks police procedures and that the mayor becomes personally involved in every officer-involved shooting.

Since that day, 7NEWS has filed several requests for the body camera footage to be released. Monday night, Mayor Stan Booker said that the video will not be released until the District Attorney’s office has received the Medical Examiner’s report and determine whether or not charges should be filed.

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