Families finally able to visit nursing homes

Families finally able to visit nursing homes

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Nursing homes across the state are lifting some COVID restrictions allowing families to see their loved ones again.

Connie Brunker has already made her way up to the McMahon Tomlinson Nursing Home twice since changes were made.

She said she missed her mother dearly after not being able to see her for nearly a year.

“There are no words to adequately relay that. It’s a year that both of our lives have been taken by COVID. We have done the best we can with telephone calls when it was available, and now it is again when can window visit, but obviously, it’s not the same,” Brunker said.

Brookridge Retirement Community allows family members to take their loved ones for a few hours.

Mary Bales said she’s been able to take her dad back out to their farm.

“He loves it that’s what’s important. He likes being out in the open we took him to the mountains after we saw the cows, and when we got back, he just couldn’t tell us enough how much he enjoyed being out,” Bales said.

“It’s good to be on the outside sometimes,” Bales dad Jim Thompson said.

Bales said she plan to visit her dad at least once a week now.

“And my sister is coming from Virginia in a couple of weeks, so she plans on trying to get him out a little bit too,” Bales said.

Brunker said she’ll be back to visit her mother every chance she gets.

“Back when we could freely come I was here pretty much every day. To go from that to once a week like I said we’re very grateful, but that’s still not enough,” Brunker said.

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