Ft. Sill partners with local law enforcement for K-9 training

Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 8:23 PM CDT
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FT. SILL, Okla. (TNN) - Fort Sill is partnering with local law enforcement agencies to train military and police dogs.

Canine experts from organizations across Southwest Oklahoma gathered at Fort Sill Thursday to strengthen community ties.

The dogs at Fort Sill Thursday can’t be described as docile but they’re not necessarily hostile either.

Trainers tell the animals are friendly and professional.

They say training to have effective teamwork between dog and man is key.

Fort Sill’s Military Working Dog Detachment trainers joined forces with local law enforcement today to train military and police dogs.

The Comanche County Sheriffs office and Altus Air Force Base collaborated with Fort Sill trainers.

Comanche County undersheriff, Doyle Tosh, says there are several benefits to the teamwork.

“We’re out here training with fort sill, we’ve done this numerous times in the past, we’ve got a pretty good working relationship with them and it’s beneficial for both of us,” Tosh said.

He says there are often times when local law enforcement needs assistance from Fort Sill’s soldiers and vice versa.

That collaboration makes all the difference.

“It’s classified a team. When you say dogs, we’re not just training the dogs, were training a team,” Tosh said.

Fort Sill Dog Kennel Master, David Hall says the dogs are usually German Shepherds because of their obedient and energetic personalities.

Dogs start training at one year old and the bond built between soldier and dog is a strong one.

“When we’re deployed with them they’re with us, when we go out on a mission they’re there with us the whole time,” Hall said.

Across all departments with a K9 Unit the dogs are trained to detect explosives and narcotics along with obeying commands and letting go of an attacker when appropriate.

Upon old age, he says, they retire.

“A lot of them can be adopted anybody so if a handler can’t take them they’ll go out to normal everyday civilians,” said Hall.

And a big shout to our 7News Photographer, Justin Stevens.

He was the brave one who suited up in full gear to get taken down by one of the k-9s you saw.

Trainers say the dogs are obedient and will attack anyone upon command.

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