Lawton Christian School students find stability in charter school

Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 7:03 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Former Lawton Christian School students are continuing their education through a charter school.

We told you last April that Lawton Christian’s Board of Directors had unanimously voted to discontinue grades 9 through 12 because of low enrollment numbers and COVID-19.

Shekinah Weary was at a loss when the school she attended since kindergarten shut down without warning.

She says with the help of classmates, parents and friends she was able to continue her education in a creative way.

“I was at Lawton Christian since I was three years old and that was all I knew,” she said.

Her neighbor and family friend, Eileen Hilliard, says she sympathized with Weary and the other incoming high school students who wanted to maintain their faith-based education but didn’t know where to turn.

“Several families that I’m actually friends with were left in the lurch and didn’t have an option. There was no other Christian high school option in Lawton,” Hilliard said.

But when one door closed, she said, another one opened.

“We started visiting with the principle of Trinity Christian Academy and they only went through eighth grade but we started exploring the possibility of maybe offering something at the school, at the brick and mortar school but have an online program.”

She says several students that planned on going to Lawton Christian’s high school, including Weary, enrolled in the charter school and began meeting daily for class at Trinity Christian Academy.

While the students have an online teacher through the charter school, Hilliard serves as their learning coach, a sort of liaison, she says, between school, teacher and student.

Weary says the school is a Godsend that allows her to receive an education tailored to meeting her long term goal of becoming a doctor.

“Like we said, even though it’s online it’s really really open, they offer a lot of classes and everything and you can meet with people and I can contact her about my plan and she can contact teachers and work classes in there that I want to do that fit what I want to do when I get older.”

You can go to to learn more about the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy.

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