Oklahoma congressmen weigh in on Ft. Sill sexual assault investigation

Oklahoma congressmen weigh in on Ft. Sill sexual assault investigation

LAWTON, Okla. (TNN) - Two Oklahoma congressmen have weighed in on the Fort Sill’s sexual assault investigation.

Fort Sill officials launched an investigation last week after a female soldier came forward with allegations of being sexually assaulted on post.

The Criminal Investigative Division has been conducting interviews daily since the report.

Representatives Tom Cole and Markwayne Mullin weighed in on the investigation.

Representative Cole said he had confidence that Fort Sill officials were properly handling the investigation.

“I’m very comfortable that the command at Fort Sill is doing everything it can to make sure that, number one, that soldier is secure and protected, and number two, that we get to the bottom of this. But I’m also, like anyone, very disturbed by the allegations,” Cole said.

Representative Mullin expressed regret that the situation had happened.

He says unlike when similar accusations came out of Fort Hood, a congressional hearing on this case will not be necessary.

“Don’t know if they elevate to a hearing or not. This is unfortunate anytime this happens because it ruins people’s lives, even those accused and if it turns out the assault wasn’t accurate or if it is, it ruins the person assaulted. It should never take place,” Mullin said. “You cannot legislate morality and you cannot force morality into law but you can sure eliminate the possibilities by having checks and balances in place. When it does happen, make an example of individuals.”

He said he believes these accusations are indicative of a systemic problem.

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