Small southwest Oklahoma town on the rise, business booming in Medicine Park

Small southwest Oklahoma town on the rise, business booming in Medicine Park

MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (TNN) - The pandemic isn’t stopping Medicine Park from growing, five new businesses have opened in the town over the past two weeks.

Mayor Jennifer Ellis said the growth in Medicine Park has been unbelievable.

She expects the recent openings to attract more tourists since it provides new things for people to see and do.

“A full-service salon that does hair, nails, and pedicures, which I’m extraordinarily excited about personally, a new tattoo parlor, adult beverage, new restaurant. So, it’s exciting times in Medicine Park with our new very diverse businesses that we have opening up,” Ellis said.

Ellis said this is only the beginning of what’s to come, as the town is in the works of opening up a mini Diamondback Harley-Davidson shop and several other businesses.

“We have an exciting new business that’s opening in Medicine Park called Inhabit. It is a development of ocean containers that is going to have not only retail space but short-term rentals in that area for people who want overnight or weekend stays in the town. Rumor has it that there’s going to be a cigar shop, a great new taco place,” Ellis said.

Medicine Park resident Jean Schuker has been in town for 10-years and says Medicine Park has not always been the main attraction, so she is super excited for the town’s growth.

“It’s a long term thing and very scuttle long term thing, working with people, improving basic infrastructure for a small town like this we operate on a small budget because we’re only 283-people,” Schuker said.

Ellis said without the help of others none of this would be possible.

“It’s about so many people who have come before this board of trustees, people who have lived in Medicine Park for 20-plus-years, and began to invest in our community. Putting in infrastructure, cleaning the town up, making the town beautiful,” Ellis

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