Bill passed in OK House could give rural doctors Tax Credit

House Bill 2089

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - House Bill 2089 is making its way to the senate floor and if passed could help bring more doctors to rural communities across the state.

The bill allows for doctors who establish their practice in rural areas with a population under 25 thousand, to receive a 25-thousand-dollar tax credit.

Duncan Regional Hospitals’ Chief Operating Officer, Roger Neal, said that while the hospital is not in dire need of more doctors, they are always looking and that the bill could give doctors that extra incentive they may need to choose to settle down Duncan, a city that is home to about 23 thousand residents.

“This seems like it’s a really good bill. You know in rural health care one of the most difficult parts of our job really is recruiting qualified physicians to come into one of our small communities across the state and be there to take care of all Oklahomans,” he said.

He said every incentive to go rural helps.

”As much as we would like to keep every Oklahoma medical student in Oklahoma we realize that that’s probably not going to happen either. In the rural areas of Oklahoma every little dollar that we can get gives just a little bit of extra incentive and is really really helpful.”

For doctors to qualify for the tax credit they need to be licensed to practice in Oklahoma and have graduated from medical school or completed their residency in Oklahoma as well.

The bill passed in the House earlier this month and will become law in November if it passes in the Senate and is signed by the Governor.

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