Ft. Sill held Retreat and Welcome Ceremony

Ft. Sill held Retreat and Welcome Ceremony

FT. SILL Okla. (TNN) - Fort Sill held a Retreat and Welcome Ceremony at the Old Post Quadrangle Wednesday to bid farewell to two Post leaders and welcome a new face.

Two outgoing Brigadier Generals, National Guard Air Defense Artillery Commandant Frank Rice and Field Artillery Commandant Phil Brooks, were honored during the ceremony.

Brigadier General Thomas Moore, who will be taking over for Rice as National Guard Air Defense Artillery Commandant, was also welcomed.

Post officials were happy to honor the hard-working men who served Fort Sill and the community.

“We like to recognize folks as they come in, especially the seniors, and we like to recognize them when they depart for everything they’ve done for both the branch and for Fort Sill overall,” said Joe Gallagher, Deputy to the Commanding General.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work here and be a part of this team with Mr. Gallagher, not only here at Fort Sill but throughout Lawton,” said Brigadier General Phil Brooks. “We couldn’t do what we do, frankly, without the support of Lawton and team Lawton-Sill.”

Major General Ken Kamper gave the remarks at Tuesday’s ceremony.

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