Duncan father grieving the loss of his son

Father grieving the loss of his son

DUNCAN, Okla. (TNN) - A Duncan family is mourning after a deadly shooting, and the victim’s father is speaking out.

Roland Fitzgerald was up early for work the morning his son was murdered.

He showed up to Loves for a cup of coffee but was stopped by employees.

They told him the store was closed because there was a robbery and shooting at a convenience store on Bois D’Arc.

He knew his son worked at one of the stores on that road, so he tried calling but never got an answer.

“I pulled up, told them who I was, then went over and talked with the detective. He came back and told me Malaki was working that night and he was deceased,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he broke down crying with a million emotions running through his head.

“Shocked, senseless loss for nothing, anger, pain. I still feel it,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said he and his wife took Stone in when he was 16-years old. At the time he needed a place to stay. Fitzgerald said they’d only known him for a short time but quickly welcomed him in.

That short stay turned into a long one.

“He was with us for a year before he actually smiled for the first time. It was great, I mean we went on a family vacation, we went to Turner Falls, we got cabins, and it was the fondest memories that we had with him out there. Because it was the first time he actually opened up and showed affection, a smile. It was mom and dad, it wasn’t Ron and Becca,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald said Stone was more of quiet person who kept to himself, but was beginning to open up during his short time of working at the convenience store.

“He actually loved that job down there. What eventually caused him his life initially brought him out into the man he was going to be because it gave him a chance to actually talk with people on a regular basis everyday, all day long,” Fitzgerald said.

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