House fire in Lawton neighborhood

A family has lost their home after a fire on July 1 in Lawton near 77th and Taylor just after 10 a.m.
Published: Jul. 1, 2021 at 6:56 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - A family has lost their home after a fire on July 1 in Lawton.

It happened near 77th and Taylor just after 10 a.m.

Lavonne Tieck and her son were doing yard work this morning, when it started

“He actually was mowing and smelled smoke, and just turned around and the house was engulfed,” Tieck said.

She and fellow neighbors did what they could to help.

“We have a hundred foot hose, he handled it from the back,” Tieck said. “By the time I got in my truck to come around the house was covered with people. The other neighbors had their hoses on it. And just waited for 911, for the police, the fire to get here.”

When Lawton fire crews got there, the flames were shooting through the roof.

“They went into a fast attack mode and were able to get a relatively quick knockdown on it,” Major Kent Taylor of Lawton Fire Department said. “Took a little time for total extinguishment, but we’ve gotten to a point now where we’ve called in our fire investigators and at this point the fire is under investigation.”

Taylor says unfortunately the damage to the home, has made it unlivable.

“There is a significant portion of the home that’s going to be damaged that it will be relatively unsalvageable,” he said. “And at this point the majority of the home had some water damage to it as well.”

Tieck says after calling 911, all she could think about was the recent house fire in Cache, and how devastating it would be for her neighbors.

“Just never thought that one so close to us,” she said. “I mean it was scary.”

We spoke to the homeowner, who did not want to go on camera. She tells us they heard a popping sound, but did not know where the fire could have started. She says they did not have home insurance, are will now have to find a place to stay.

The Red Cross has been called in to help the family.

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