Area superintendents on drop in test scores from last year

Published: Jul. 14, 2021 at 6:20 PM CDT
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CACHE, Okla. (KSWO) - Preliminary state test scores are in for local school districts throughout the area, after one of the most uncertain school years ever.

Cache Public Schools Superintendent Chad Hance said this is by far the lowest he’s seen the scores since he’s been in the position.

Hance believes kids having to quarantine and the virtual school option were a few of the reasons behind the drop, since they weren’t always able to get that natural learning experience.

“Basically, overall for reading and math and everything that we saw, we saw about a 10 to 15-percent decrease drop in our success rate on our test scores,” Hance said.

Cache Public Schools have received state test scores for math, reading, and science.

Out of those subjects, math had the biggest fall off.

Although this was expected Hance still has some concerns.

“But, it also shows up an alarm of maybe we are missing something, so our first step is we need to inform our teachers and let them know where our kids are at and areas we need to make improvements on and if there’s any type of resources to help that,” Hance said.

Lawton Public Schools Superintendent Kevin Hime said he’s still evaluating a lot of the scores, and has seen decreases in some areas but doesn’t look at it as a concern.

“You’ve heard me talk enough to say one of the things I stand on, and when I took this job is you don’t have to be bad to get better. We know there’s definitely some areas we have to get better. Some of our school sites we aren’t as happy with as we are other sites,” Hime said.

Last year, Hime hired several retired teacher to come in to help students, and saw individual improvement.

He’ll be using that same tactic this year.

“Hopefully, we have more of those who apply. Some of those career teachers who are retired but still has some skill left, and they can work three days a week or four days a week or half a day and work in those small groups just do some accelerate instruction with some of our students to help close those gaps,” Hime said.

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