Stephens County Sheriff Department working to upgrade equipment

Published: Jul. 19, 2021 at 6:36 PM CDT
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DUNCAN, Okla. (KSWO) - The Stephens County Sheriff Department is looking to purchase new body cameras for deputies.

On Monday, county commissioners approved for the sheriff department to apply for a federal 50/50 matching grant for those new cameras.”

It’s been 10-years since the department has gotten new cameras, and Sheriff Wayne McKinney said they have taken a beating.

Some of them are not picking up sound, not staying on, or creating poor video quality.

“Right now, probably out of 25 deputies total we have maybe six camera’s that are working properly,” McKinney said.

They are looking to purchase 25 new cameras, one camera for each deputy.

“The cost of these things can be upward to two-thousand dollars a piece, and maybe even more in certain circumstances, so we’re looking to get the best thing for out buck. Which probably we’re approximately looking at somewhere between 40 and 50-thousand dollars total,” McKinney said.

If the application is approved the government will pay for half, and the county will need to come up with the other half.

Sheriff McKinney said they plan to present the need to county commissioners in hopes of getting approved for the needed funds.

“It would just be adding an addition amount to the sheriffs office budget to cover this equipment. It’s a benefit for the entire county. It’s not just for the sheriffs office because it does keep down a lot of complaints, and because you have both sides of the story on the body cam. The camera’s don’t lie,” McKinney said.

The deadline for the application is on August 31.

Sheriff McKinney is hoping to know something by September and get those new cameras in by the end of the year.

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