LPS wages raising ahead of the school year

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 6:19 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Raises and bonuses will be given to Lawton Public Schools staff this upcoming school year.

Federal COVID-19 relief funding is allowing the district to make this happen.

When Hime came on board as Superintendent a year ago, he wanted to make sure his people were taken care of from teachers, to bus drivers, and custodians.

“All support people get a 50-cent a hour raise. Our certified people as far as a pay raise, and their salary. Every certified person gets a step, and that step is about 500-dollars a year, up until 29 steps for your 29th year. Well we added a year, so we added 30-years, so every employee will get at least one step which is 500-dollars and we increase the amount in every step, so that’s a thousand,” Hime said.

The additional money doesn’t stop there, multiple bonuses will be going out as well.

“Every employee that worked in 21, on the first day will get a 500-dollar retention bonus for coming back. This is apart of that hard time going through COVID and such. It’s kind of an award for those who stuck with us and went through it. Then, at Christmas we’re going to give all our certified employees a 15-hundred dollar Christmas bonus and all of our support a thousand dollar Christmas bonus,” Hime said.

Dolores Anderson has worked with LPS going on 33-years, and said she doesn’t recall getting a 50-cent hourly raise at one time, so that’s exciting, but the bonuses are more appealing to the eye.

“Super excited about that. Who doesn’t need extra money around Christmas time, and back to school. I’m really excited for those who have children, and getting ready to go back to school. That’s going to be a great help to them,” Anderson said.

On top of the salary increase, and bonuses, teachers will getting money to do things around the classroom.

“All of the teachers will get a hundred dollars to spend in their classrooms. We’re doing some things for first year teachers because our first year teachers how to go through three or four days between technology training, new teacher in services, and all that. So, we’re giving a couple hundred dollars to them. They won’t get the retention bonus because they wasn’t here last year, but since they’re working three or four extra days we’re going to give them something,” Hime said.

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