Tarp covering will be required when hauling trash in Lawton

Published: Jul. 26, 2021 at 6:41 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - The City of Lawton is giving people time to prepare for a new law that will be going into effect in October. It will impact people who haul trash around the city.

Public Works Director Larry Wolcott said this will be a way to beautify the city and reduce environmental impacts litter has on the community.

There’s been an ordinance in place for sometime requiring people to secure, and cover certain trash loads if necessary, now that won’t be an option.

“The new ordinance will require tarps to be placed on all loads regardless of what materials it is. Whether its bulky materials bag, trash, yard waste, everything will be totally required to be covered in tarp,” Wolcott said.

Pat Reynolds believes the ordinance is a great idea as he’s seen all sorts of trash laying in the road and even blowing into his yard at times.

“I know it’s an extra hassle. It’ll be an extra thing that a person would have to do cover their stuff up. I’ve lived here for 20 something years on the way to the dump, and there’s quite of bit of stuff that just unfortunately falls out of trucks and falls out of cars as they are trying to get to the dump,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds said luckily nothing has flown off and damaged his car before but there is a concern that it could happen.

“We do get some larger stuff that comes off of vehicles periodically, but we’ve had a fair share of couches, doors, and construction stuff that’s flown off, and could really be a hazard if there’s a car right behind you,” Reynolds said.

To prevent those kinds of incidents, covering will be required regardless of if you’re traveling to the landfill or to a friends house with a load.

“The main part of the tarping ordinance is to try to stop that problem at the source which is the refuse being hauled in the trailer or in the truck, and to keep it covered, and to prevent blown litter, and loads coming unloose as much as possible,” Wolcott said.

There will be a 25-dollar fee for people who show up to the landfill with uncovered loads and you could get pulled over by Lawton Police.

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