Free dental clinic held for Lawton students

Published: Oct. 8, 2021 at 5:36 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Students at Eisenhower Elementary School got a little bit of help on their smiles for free on Friday.

Hygienists from the Oklahoma Dental Hygienists’ Association partnered with the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation to bring free sealants to second-graders.

Sealants are thin coverings that are painted over the molars, and help protect the tooth from decay.

“It’s exciting for me, just to know that we are providing care for children that’s long term, because we are doing these sealants on their adult teeth,” President-elect of the Oklahoma Dental Hygienists’ Association Tina Tuck said. “I like to tell the kids that you’re going to have these teeth until you’re a grandma. And their eyes kind of brighten, knowing that they are covering their teeth for a lifetime.”

Hygienists said taking students out of class to get dental work done for a little while Friday may keep them from missing more school in the future.

“And it’s really important for people to realize that children miss school often, one of the primary reasons is because of tooth pain, so if we can get in here and we can place these protective coatings at a very young age, this is just going to set them up for a good future, where they’re staying in school, they’re getting the education they need,” President of the Oklahoma Dental Hygienists’ Association Laurie Humphrey said.

They hope that parents will take advantage of these clinics, but also want parents to recognize the importance of healthy habits and going to the dentist regularly.

“Well it is very important for children to always go into the dentist and into the dental office, you know, every six months for a healthy mouth checkup,” Humphrey said. “And we can instruct them on how to brush their teeth, brush their gums, brush their tongues, and keep their mouths nice and healthy.”

Both the Delta Dental of Oklahoma Foundation and the Oklahoma Dental Hygienists Association plan to collaborate for more dental sealant clinics at schools across Oklahoma in the future.

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