Health expert speaks on hot Covid-19 topic

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 6:32 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Health officials are weighing in on the controversial topic of natural immunity and the coronavirus vaccine.

Dr. Dale Bratzler with the University of Oklahoma said getting the vaccine is a better defense against the virus than fighting it with natural immunity.

According to Dr. Bratzler, a study done in Israel that shows difference between natural immunity and the vaccines.

“That shows that natural immunity appeared to be very protective against subsequent reinfections with Covid-19. However, in that same study, it showed if you have Covid-19 and then you subsequently got the vaccine, you were even more protected than people who just had previous Covid-19,” Bratzler said.

To back that up, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently did a study in Kentucky where they found a group who beat the virus and kept track of them.

“And then they followed them over time, and some of the people got their vaccine dose, and some did not. When they compared those two groups people who did not get vaccinated were more as two times as likely to be reinfected as people who just recovered from previous Covid infections,” Bratzler said.

Dr. Bratzler said those two studies alone show that the vaccine gives you more protection against the virus, and that’s why there’s a national recommendation for it.

The studies were only done with people who only had two doses and not the third one.

He believes that will separate the two once a study is done with the third dose.

“I think with time we’re going to understand better the importance of the booster dose to really ramp up your immune system, and then we may not see as big of a difference between natural immunity and three doses of the vaccine,” Bratzler said.

He hopes that people who are hesitant to get vaccinated take that next step to do so.

“Because remember that in Oklahoma if you have a positive test about 1.7-percent of those people die from Covid-19, and about a third of the people who have symptomatic Covid-19 will actually have long haul symptoms,” Bratzler said.

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