New LPD equipment creates 3D diagrams of crime scenes

Published: Oct. 26, 2021 at 6:16 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - The Lawton Police Department now has new technology that will revolutionize how they investigate crime scenes.

A new piece of equipment called the Leica BLK360 is already in use by the Lawton Police Department. The device takes about 4 minutes to scan a room and builds an entire 3D diagram of a crime scene that investigators and prosecutors can focus on every detail of.

Detective Brad Delozier says this will help with their investigations, but he’s more focused on it helping those who are affected by crime.

“I think it’s more important for the victims, the families, so we can be more accurate in our investigations, and they know nothing is left unturned, no rock is left unturned, no bush is left unrattled and we can hit every point we need to hit in our investigations,” Delozier said.

Delozier compares the equipment to what you might see while taking a virtual tour of a home.

“It scans a whole scene 360 degrees top to bottom. It’s not just a 2-dimensional photo like we’ve been doing in the past. It gets us the opportunity to better be accurate. We can get measurements from the system, it takes digital readings from a digital radar system, millions of different points it’s measuring at one time instead of just one individual point,” Delozier said.

Tuesday, Comanche County District Attorney Kyle Cableka got a first-hand look at the equipment in use.

“After looking at it, I’m very impressed with it and the capabilities it has, really excited for LPD and my office, both for the capabilities and the potential, analyzing scenes, getting data measurements is going to be so much better now,” Cabelka said.

Cabelka said he’s excited to implement the new technology in the court room.

“They were able to show full blown diagrams of rooms of houses, of outside scenes that right now there’s just not the capability of doing the traditional way of taking individual pictures. I think it will be really, really helpful in telling the whole story of what took place at a crime scene,” Cabelka said.

Delozier said that’s the goal of this new equipment - showing jurors exactly what detectives see when they arrive on a scene.

“We’re able to turn that into using it for our benefit in a crime scene, walk a jury through a homicide scene from what happened from one room to the next. Things are dynamic, things change, one fight could ensue in one room and pour over to another room,” Delozier said.

LPD is already using the new equipment and plans on using it at all major crime scenes. It cost roughly $40,000 and as of right now, they’re the only department in southwest Oklahoma with this equipment.

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