Holiday season draws Covid and flu concern

Published: Nov. 23, 2021 at 6:17 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Health experts are worried about a potential spike in coronavirus and flu cases with the holiday season upon us.

“If you are feeling sick or have symptoms related to COVID or the flu this time around. Heath officials says it’s best to stay home and risk gathering with others.”

Regardless of your vaccination status for either virus, Communication Engagement Manager Debra Johnson said the suggestion should be taken serious.

“We know multi generations occur this time of year. So, there is an increase for some of those that may be gathering with you. We are also seeing a little bit more in terms of work gathering or social gatherings this year than we did last year,” Johnson said.

Johnson said even if you are vaccinated there is still a risk of transmitting either virus. The risk is even higher if you aren’t vaccinated.

“That you could be carrying the virus and have no symptoms being an asymptomatic carrier, so being mindful of distance, continuous of washing hands,” Johnson said.

Getting tested prior to gathering will be the smartest option to help keep everybody safe.

“Certainly those more vulnerable that will be together. Getting tested prior to that gather is advised, and then following that gathering and that everyone is watching for symptoms, and being tested to make sure that if anything was transmissible during the time together,” Johnson said.

Johnson said although COVID and flu are bigger concerns, food safety is also a concern around this time.

“During the holidays there are a lot of hospitalizations or calls into doctors offices related to food born illnesses, salmonella and cross contamination. It’s always important to maintain temperatures recommended, for instants when your thawing out a turkey, not to just leave it out on the counter and that refrigeration is the best way to thaw a turkey,” Johnson said.

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