FFA 4-H Friend of the Week: Cierra Collins

Published: Dec. 17, 2021 at 5:22 PM CST
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TILLMAN COUNTY, Okla. (KSWO) - Collins Cattle Company, a 4th generation family-owned business out of Tillman County is where Colby and Shellie Collins aren’t only raising high quality cattle for the pasture and the show ring, but they’re also raising three wonderful daughters.

For Frederick Public Schools student Cierra Collins, showing is a family business.

”I’m lucky to have my parents and my sister in the barn to help me,” she said. “My parents, they just think of every detail to make sure our cattle are well and taken care of and I’m grateful they’re teaching me to do the same thing.”

Cierra showed her first bottle calf at Frederick’s County Fair when she was three years old, but graduated to her first national show in Madison, Wis. at 7-years-old.

”I’ve learned the hard work in the value of that and that it’s not all about winning it’s mostly about working as a family and getting something good out of it because even if you don’t win there’s always some kind of success that you have,” she said.

Showing has taken the Collins Family all over the country, Wyoming, Missouri, Nebraska, Kentucky, Colorado and Arizona.

”The long drives can be hard sometimes especially during the night,” Cierra said. “But I love getting to see other states. Everybody has different accents, I’ve learned that and I just learned so much about it.”

But having winning show cattle doesn’t happen overnight.

Cierra and her two sisters, Claire and Cricket, put in a lot of effort to make sure their livestock is well taken care of.

Being the oldest, Cierra teaches her sisters what she’s learned, whether its halter breaking, washing, blowing or clipping.

”I’ll tell them what to do sometimes, mostly just like to show them. Because telling them is a lot of work and they might not always listen if you try to tell them,” she said.

At 13-years-old, Cierra knows how to communicate with anyone and everyone.

Shooting for Grand is a podcast she started last year, and has 35 episodes and 1,500 Facebook followers.

”I want to interview high achieving youth, whether it’s on the county, state, or national level,” Cierra said. “I want to get their story in the barn and it’s really helped me a lot because I know I’m not alone. I’m not the only one that works all the time and I’m not the only one that has had successes and failures as well.”

There’s a lot of work that goes in to the podcast.

She said the ages of her guests range from 9 to 21.

And it’s an endeavor she wants to continue as long as she possibly can.

”We just finished the third season which was a lot of fun. I have enjoyed all of the seasons,” Cierra said. “I just want to keep doing it.”

She’s no stranger to public speaking either.

Just a couple weeks ago, Cierra placed second at the AFR State Speech Contest in Stillwater for her agriscience speech.

It’s that discipline and gift she has that makes her successful in and out of the show ring.

Tillman County 4-H Educator Aaron Henson said he couldn’t be more proud.

”She’s leading not just the ag industry of her age, but the whole industry,” he said. “She’s a spokesperson for the state of Oklahoma and nationally. She’s just amazing.”

Cierra is in 7th grade, but when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she answered an event planner.

Cierra will continue to be involved in the cattle industry with a ranch of her own.

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