Lawton-Comanche County Humane Society rescues malnourished dog

Published: Jan. 4, 2022 at 6:46 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - After being abandoned, Scarlet was taken in by the Human Society of Lawton, Comanche County, so they can bring her back to health, with the help of the community.

After an Lawton woman found Scarlet, a 2 year old American Stafford Terrier, in her backyard last week, she called the Humane Society located in Indiahoma, to ask if they could take her in, which they gladly did.

”We went and got her the next day, and she has been outside under blankets and all that but she was just so cold and shivering and couldn’t hardly walk at all,” Cronk said.

Marcia Cronk, dog rescue coordinator said they started the process of getting her back to a healthy state, by first taking her to vet to insure she was okay after being malnourished for so long.

”Her vet bill was totally clear, she didn’t have any worms,” Cronk said. “She didn’t have heart worms, nothing. So, she was really lucky that with everything going on with her, if she would have had something like that, a bad infection, that would have been it for her.”

Now they are focusing on feeding, loving and training her, which couldn’t be possible without the huge amount of donations flooding in after everyone shared a Facebook post about Scarlet.

”The community has been awesome, We post something like a dog like Scarlet, we start to get immediate funds coming in,” Cronk said. “The community has been so so supportive of these animals.”

Scarlet will have a home with the Human Society for several months before she can get back to 100 percent health.

Apart from starvation, she also has a skin infection.

”She is still very very skinny, skin and bones really,” Cronk said. “And she’s lost a lot of muscle mass. We think because she has been starved and her muscle mass is so low, it’s probably effecting her kidneys. So, she’s got a lot of healing to do.”

If you can’t foster these animals, donating is always a huge help when it comes to the everyday essentials they need.


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