Fletcher Police Department heads in right direction

Published: Jan. 7, 2022 at 7:27 PM CST
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FLETCHER, Okla. (KSWO) - Over the past couple of months, the Fletcher Police Department has been taking steps to improve their department.

Several officers recently received multiple awards for taking leadership courses and going through state accreditation processes to ensure that their officers are doing their job correctly.

One of those awards was the FBI-Trilogy award.

Which is one that Chief Jason DoLonais took the time out of his day to day life to earn.

“It’s three weeks long and it covers a myriad of topics from personal development, to development of your subordinates, racial, biased, getting the community to buy into you,” Delonais said. “And really not just leading your subordinates and officers, but your community as a whole.”

The other was the award of agency verification.

It was a group effort among the four officers that run the department.

It focuses on ensuring that the department polices are up to date and meets industry standards.

“It’s really helpful because it’s an extra layer of transparency and accountability,” DeLonais said. “Everybody always wants to know who’s watching the watchman, and we have voluntarily opened ourselves up for an outside agency to come in and go through and make sure we are keeping everything up with the current professional standards.”

DeLonais said each experience has molded him in so many ways.

“It’s given me a much larger perspective. It really gives me a lot of empathy believe it or not because when you come in, you think its your way or the highway, but its really not that way at all. You really have to buy into your community, you have to listen to them, you have to listen to the opinions, and view points of other agencies, and other officers. It’s really a collaborative effort.”

Fletcher Sergeant Aaron Gray said it feels good being a part of an agency that takes the time out to do the small things to improve it.

“As far as the police department, when we first came on it wasn’t looking so great, physically as well as other aspects,” Gray said. “We made a complete 180 degree turn with the leadership of Chief DeLonais. The proof is in the pudding is what you say.”

He was also presented with a Life Saving Award for saving a baby’s life back in March. He said the continuous recognition is great, but he knows any of the officers he works with would’ve done the same thing he did.

“I know for a fact they would,” Gray said. “All of them have first response experience with CPR and stuff like that. Honestly, I believe anyone with that knowledge would’ve jumped in there and saved that little girl.”

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