Medicine Park officials investigating possible animal poisoning

Published: Jan. 12, 2022 at 7:27 PM CST
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MEDICINE PARK, Okla. (KSWO) - Medicine Park officials are investigating possible animal poisonings and warning people about the consequences of harming wildlife and cats in the area.

Some Parkies believe people are using the town to dump unwanted animals, which has increased the stray cat population. A woman who works to find homes for the felines says someone may be setting out poison to get rid of them.

It started over the weekend with this video of a raccoon out in broad daylight, acting strange.

Chief of Police Tom Crawford said a resident notified him on Saturday.

“Saturday I received a report of possibly having a poisoned raccoon,” Crawford said. “We’ve had some complaints about raccoons in the area. Of course, we’re in a rural area.”

While Crawford said there’s no evidence that the animal was poisoned, it’s still under investigation.

“I had the mayor post it on the mayor’s website that we are looking into it, and if we can determine in fact that raccoons have been poisoned or other wildlife, then we will take appropriate action,” Crawford said.

Mayor Roger Johnson, who is a retired veterinarian, posted on Facebook Monday, saying in part, quote “It is apparent that someone is putting out tainted cat food to poison animals. This is illegal and punishable by law. Please keep an eye out for such activities and report it if you see it happen.”

At some of Medicine Park’s recent city council meetings, members have discussed feral cat overpopulation.

Janice Holmes, who owns a business on Cobblestone Row, said she believes someone may be trying to get rid of them on purpose.

“The fact that somebody would do this,” Holmes said. “Let’s all work together and fix this for good in a responsible way. That’s no way to treat an animal.”

She often tries to rescue and find homes for the kittens.

“They know they can call me and I will come to their house or come to wherever they found the cat,” Holmes said. “I will come help them. I will catch the animal and I will deal with it myself. I’ll take it to the vet. I’ll take responsiblity for the bills and everything.”

But the fire chief and another business owner don’t think anyone is poisoning wildlife or other animals.

They said if the cats get sick, it’s because they’re eating items from dumpsters.

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