3-year-old with chromosomal abnormality makes progress at West Texas Rehab

Published: Jan. 22, 2022 at 4:16 PM CST
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ABILENE, Texas. (KSWO) - A toddler with a rare chromosomal abnormality is making big strides in development at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center in Abilene with lots of therapy.

Three-year-old Henry Brown is learning to be brave, taking more risks everyday.

He was born with a rare chromosomal deletion and started physical therapy at only 3-months-old, according to his mother Sara Brown.

“A lot of it’s kind of unknown for us, but he was very delayed in hitting all his milestones and coming to West Texas Rehab has definitely helped him along the way in hitting those milestones closer to where he should be,” Brown said.

Henry’s mother describes him as a daredevil now, but he wasn’t always this way.

“Before, he was very unsure about everything,” Brown said. “This was not a fun place for him because they make him work here, but now he’s all on board and he’s happy to do it and it’s just routine to us. It’s a part of life.”

For occupational therapist Madison Clearman, Henry was one of the first patients she took on at the rehab about a year and a half ago.

He’s come a long way since then.

“We worked a lot on just getting it to where mom could start slowly stepping back and out of the room and eventually to the waiting room,” Clearman said, “and now he’s to the point where when he comes into the rehab, he goes “Bye! and he just takes off and he loves all the therapists and every here loves him.”

In therapy sessions, Clearman is helping improve Henry’s fine motor, visual motor and sensory skills.

“Doing puzzles, being able to put things into like peg boards or shape sorters,” Clearman said. “All of that good stuff, and also working on stuff like drawing and scissors, and even just sitting at the table .”

She’s preparing him for transitions like going from home to school and increasing his independence with activities like “crashing” which is one of his favorites.

“Another thing that we’re working on is kind of getting him that pre-school ready, so working on some of our pre-writing shapes, like lines, circles, how we’re holding our pencil or marker and also working on stuff like cutting,” Clearman said.

As Clearman watches Henry walk down the hall, greeting everyone he sees, she can’t help but be proud and look forward how he’ll develop even more.

“He’s able to take on challenges that I give him and I know that the other PT and speech feel that way as well,” Clearman said. “He has made such great progress and also just gained a lot of confidence and independence in his skills.”

His mother said she can’t imagine where he’d be without West Texas Rehab and the treatments he receives there.

“They just love him. They love kids. They’re very, like, magnetic to them,” Brown said. “Henry’s always warmed up to them very quickly, which is easy for transitioning, so I could not ask for anything better.”

Over the next year, both Clearman and Brown hope that Henry will stay on a steady path of growth.

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