Lawton City Council will revise waste ordinance

Published: Jan. 24, 2022 at 7:15 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Lawton’s Public Works director Larry Wolcott said the department covers 28,000 residents.

The changes would allow them to streamline service and be more cost-effective.

”Everything that we can do to minimize our expenses, are going to help us to keep the rates as low as they are,” Wolcott said. “Just for comparison, we’re providing the same type of service that Oklahoma City is providing, and we’re roughly 5 dollars less expensive.“

Wolcott said they are not modifying prices for residential collection, meaning what you’re paying for monthly services won’t change.

However, if residents are not following the guidelines listed in the ordinance, there could be a penalty fee.

That would include leaving an overflowing trash bin on your street, or setting out bulky items that aren’t necessarily bulky, like an extra bag of household trash.

”Sitting out bulky items for bulky item collection is good, that is the service we provide,” Wolcott said. “Setting out small items, blowing litter with that bulky waste is something we definitely want to avoid, because it obviously won’t stay in place.”

Wolcott reminds residents bulky items include things like tree branches, mattresses, or old furniture.

The ordinance is originally from 2008, back when residents could use their own trash cans.

Since then, a lot has changed, including poly carts being provided and bulk waste being a monthly service.

”The City Council considered the ordinance update 6 months ago,” Wolcott said. “They wanted to table it and give time to do some public education, get the information out to the public on how we do our operation and what the rules are.”

And now that the proposed changes have been in effect for six months, Wolcott said it’s time to update the language in the ordinance and enforce the rules.

Those residents who do not follow the specific rules, will receive a personal fee after a 3 strike basis.

Residents will see a yellow sticker located on their trash bin.

If they continue to not follow the rules, they will receive a note with a penalty fee.

Waste ordinance document

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