Lawton shelter to build new building, help more people

Published: Feb. 3, 2022 at 6:43 PM CST
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - C. Carter Crane is wanting to help even more of the homeless population in the area. They are working to do that by building a new shelter that would fit more people.

The current C. Carter Crane Shelter that’s been around for decades and only holds 28 people, but soon they are hoping to build a new facility just next door that will be able to double that amount.

This project started two years ago with their former director.

Donation Specialist Jennifer Hough and the current director have worked to keep the project alive.

They were able to lock in on solid ideas after visiting a few shelters up in Oklahoma City.

“It would be 20 male bunk beds and 20 female bunk beds is how we would spilt it into equally sized rooms. Right outside of their main door would be their lockers, so they would still have that access to their belongings and their belongings would still be secure. It wouldn’t take up the room space like it does now,” Hough said.

Family rooms will take up the rest of the bed space.

The new shelter would be one story to make it completely handicap accessible. At this time, they only have one handicap room.

Hough said different organizations come in to teach their clients about life skills, but they are forced to do that in their kitchen and dining room are because of the limited space.

“So, the new would have some conference rooms as well to where they could close that off, not be distracted by anything else that’s going on. Any donations that are being taken in. Anybody cook in the kitchen, the phone ringing. Those are little distracted that interrupts the flow,” Hough said.

Although the new shelter would help them accommodate more, the goal is the end homelessness in the area.

“If we can help more and more people, we can maybe get to that goal faster, and at least be able to provide more services, and not turn so many people away. So, it’s really excited to be able to partner with more organizations in the community, and to get that word out there that this is an on going issue, and we need everybody’s help,” Hough said.

Whenever the new building is up, they are planning to use the current shelter top floor as a storage unit and as for the bottom floor.

“We really tossed around the idea of having like a breakfast feeding site. We understand that there are feeding sites in town like St. Johns, which is in the same neighborhood as us. It’s just a couple streets over, and Hungry Hearts. Of course those two organizations focus more on lunch and dinners, but breakfast is still the most important meal of the day and we want to give the clients and those that are homeless something that’ll get them going, get them up, give them energy, Hough said.

It’s going to cost a little over a million dollars to build the new shelter.

Grants are being applied for to help pay for it, but donations from the community are needed as well - they can be dropped off or mailed to 1203 SW Texas Ave, Lawton, Ok. 73501.

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