Leo and Ken’s Truck Stop and Restaurant staff receive thousand dollar tip

Workers at Leo and Ken's Truck Stop receive about a $4,500 tip.
Workers at Leo and Ken's Truck Stop receive about a $4,500 tip.(KSWO)
Published: Apr. 4, 2022 at 7:19 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - The staff at a local restaurant is counting their blessings after a mysterious couple left them a few thousand dollars as a tip.

Owner of Leo and Ken’s Truck Stop and Restaurant Mitchell Rhoades said a couple came in to eat breakfast on Sunday, April 3 in the morning.

Before they left, they paid for everyone’s meal and gave the cashier about $4,500 to split between the on-duty servers.

“They dropped off the money, and I of course tried to refuse it at first, you know that was WAY too much money. But they weren’t hearing it and they said, man we’re just trying to bless people the way we’ve been blessed. So they handed me the money and walked out the door,” Rhoades said. “It was the first time it’s ever happened like that. I mean it’s a cool deal, and it caught me totally of guard.”

He said before the couple left, they told him they had received a blessing, and it was only fair that they pay it forward.

Rhoades hopes the next time he or his staff sees someone in need of a helping hand, they also rise to the occasion.

“This world would be a whole lot of a better place if we tried to help each other out rather than stepping on or stepping over somebody else to get what we need or what we want. There’s always plenty enough to go around, and we can always help somebody out that’s maybe in need or less fortunate, it’d make the world a better place,” he said. “Put out good in the world and the good will come back to you.”

The couple left without telling them who they were, but Rhoades said he wants them to know they are all very thankful, and God bless.

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