Comanche Nation works to provide beef for businesses

Published: Apr. 13, 2022 at 6:24 PM CDT
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DEVOL, Okla. (KSWO) - The high price of beef, cattle feed and production is affecting local businesses and ranchers.

Comanche Nation purchased 840 acres of land that spreads clear up to the Red River. That land now holds and helps raise cattle, that will help them fight the high price of beef.

Comanche Nation Business Committee recently approved $300,000 of funding to help with Comanche Nation Land and Cattle.

The cow-calf program was created to provide premium beef to tribal business likes the elderly enter, Comanche Burger Company and Comanche Academy Charter School.

Business Committee Member Diana Doyebi-Sovo said since the pandemic, they have been dealing with funding issues, but the rising beef prices made it more urgent to go forward with this program.

”It’s one of our newer programs that we brought back, it’s a cow/calf operation,” Doyebi-Sovo said. “Eventually our goal is to get pretty close to 1,000 head. But we wanted to do something to help our tribal people be sustaining.”

They purchased 50 black angus cattle from Glover Cattle Company, now having about 100 head.

The end goal is provide for the Comanche Nation, but they eventually want to help out non-tribal members in the area too.

I reached out to local rancher Jeremy Kinder, of 6K Ranch, who said since the Winter, the price for feed has went from $386 a ton to now being around $430 to $470 a ton.

And purchasing feed is just one obstacle local ranchers are facing, they also have to deal with drought, high price contracts and raising calf prices.

”We’ve also got other businesses and economic development that we’re working on to provide not only that, but the assistance with conservation on our land,” Doyebi-Sovo said. “That will help us, our tribal members, and our local area farmers.”

Once Comanche Nation Land and Cattle gets a steady production, they hope to begin working on other endeavors that will be beneficial for the area.

They hope to improve the land, grazing, produce wheat and hemp and provide hemp fed cattle.

Comanche Nation is currently working on a conservation plan, that will help with raising cattle, but also improve better health for the land’s soil, water, plants and other animals.

”That through these programs, we can teach generations coming behind us to live with the land, own it, produce off it, but the same time help it,” Doyebi-Sovo said.

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