Jackson County Commissioner District 3 (Republican)

Jackson County natives Rhet Johnson and Michael Hamersley are running for Jackson County district 3 commissioner
Published: Jun. 6, 2022 at 6:54 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Election Day for Oklahoma Primary and Special elections, is just over three weeks away, with two candidates running for Jackson County Commissioner District 3.

Jackson County natives, Rhet Johnson and Michael Hamersley, are running for Jackson County District 3 Commissioner.

Incumbent Rhet Johnson has been in office for six years, but is also a farmer and rancher in Jackson County.

Hamersley currently works in Oklahoma City in the movie business, transporting movie set equipment to different locations across the state, but before that, he worked for the county in road maintenance for nearly eight years.

Though their occupations differ, they do share some common ground on what really needs to be tackled in Jackson County: road work.

“We were able to secure a grant, for instance, on the west side of Altus to build a retention pond. With the recent flooding rains that we have had, it’s evident that that’s needed. We would eliminate that problem of flooding market road and Highway 62, going west with this retention pond,” said Johnson.

“Right now I believe the county roads are a big issue. There’s lots of things that can be changed for the better out in the countryside for the farmers and the ranchers and the people that live out in the rural areas,” said Hamersley.

Johnson said the job requires management skills, which he’s been doing his whole life.

“The job is about management, and the job is about being able to manage money and being able to manage employees, and that’s what I’ve done my entire adult life. And, I think my management experience definitely sets me apart from my opponents,” said Johnson.

Hamersley said he just wants to bring a change to Jackson County.

“I just believe that there’s some things that I can accomplish around the county that hasn’t been, that has been overlooked, is what I am trying to say. And, I just think, there needs to be a change,” said Hamersley.

Both Candidates have three kids, and said they want to make Jackson County better, not just for their families, but for all County residents.

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