Comanche County Commissioner Candidates District 3 (Republican)

There are two candidates running for the seat of Comanche County Commissioner in District 3, current commissioner Alvin Cargill is facing newcomer Josh Powers.
Published: Jun. 15, 2022 at 6:26 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - With the statewide primary elections quickly approaching we continue to bring you coverage from our local races.

There are two candidates running for the seat of Comanche County Commissioner in District 3.

Current commissioner Alvin Cargill is facing newcomer Josh Powers.

Cargill has been commissioner for the past three years, and has lived in Comanche County all his life, graduating from Cache High school where he eventually married and raised his family.

Opponent Josh Powers was also born and raised in Comanche County and graduated from Eisenhower high school and attended Cameron University. Following college, he was hired on to the Lawton Police Department for 11 years. He then got into real estate and is now the owner of Ares State armory.

They both have experience in various areas which makes them feel like they are the right person for the job.

“I’m experienced in multiple areas being a small business owner being into real estate, I have been on the volunteer fire department board of directors. I am the current chairman of Comanche County rural water 5, I have been involved and know the stressed that they have,” said Powers.

“My experience, my experience through my construction my civil construction business, my road building provides a lot of asset experience 30 plus years,” said Cargill.

Cargill who has been in office for the past few years, tells us what he knows to be the biggest concerns facing Comanche County.

“Some big concerns are one, is we need to look and try to figure a more sustainable and better income for the local volunteer fire departments to make sure that they continue to operate the way they should and the cost for operating keeps going up,” said Cargill.

Since Powers is not in office, he says all he knows is what the citizens have told him when he was knocking door to door.

“Without good public safety you can’t have a community that feels safe and wants to move in our area. Which also can lead to economic development. I’m a big proponent of economic development I think that if we don’t bring large good paying jobs to Comanche County we are going to continue to shrink, we need to do quite the opposite of that so more tax dollars mean more money for roads,” said Powers.

Both candidates have different plans on what they want to tackle first if elected.

“Transparency I don’t feel the current county government in western district is transparent enough with it’s projects, with the tax payers dollar’s we don’t know where our money is spent unless we see the vehicles and the trucks out actually working…I believe that’s a big deal that people want to know where their money is goes, all we are as commissioners is a steward of people’s money, we owe it to the people to let them know where their money is spent,” said Powers

“Pushing out and finishing the AARPA plan that’s 23.5 million dollars that the county received from the federal government, so finish the plan and push that out make sure that everything is all the plans are in place and procedures to ensure that we stay in compliance with all the rules of the federal government’s pushed out look at some more funding for rural fire and the how we can get some more money to industrial development,” said Cargill.

Both candidates want to thank those who have supported them.

Cargill says he has enjoyed the past 3 years it has been a fun learning experience for him and Powers would like the community to know that he always has and always will have an open door policy for anyone who wants to speak to him.

Election day will be June 28th and early voting will begin on June 23rd.

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