New information on weekend shooting on Fort Sill Blvd.

Published: Jun. 27, 2022 at 7:01 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Lawton Police continue to investigate a weekend shooting, where three people were injured. It happened in the 25 hundred block of Fort Sill Blvd., between northwest Bessie Ave. and northwest Carole Ave. early Sunday morning.

People we spoke with said nearly 100 hundred rounds were fired here around 3 a.m. Sunday. 7 News talked to local business owners in the area about what happened and they all said their property is damaged but are happy to still be alive.

Neighboring business owner Sukie Forney said she was there on Sunday morning, closing her restaurant. She said she knew something was wrong when she saw people she believed to be minors out after 2 a.m., and people walking around with beer bottles and marijuana in their hands.

“So many gunshots I thought it was a machine gun. I didn’t want to die so I stayed inside my car and put my head down and look at it. It was a gun shooting there, gun shoot there, and then gun shooting over here because it shot my sign,” said Forney.

John Boose, one of the owners of Hangout, where the shooting happened said his business has been shut down because of the shooting.

He said he originally opened the lounge to give young people in the nearby neighborhood a safe place to go. He said he pays over one thousand a week for security, but he can’t control what goes on outside of his establishment.

“Once they get inside there are no issues. But as you can see my windows are boarded up, right because rounds came from outside through my building. So once they get into the parking lot and they get into their personal vehicles we don’t have control over what they do, we can ask them to leave,” said Boose.

Forney blames the shooting on the Hangout Lounge, she says the area was quiet before they opened.

“And soon as they start to get after hours I don’t know how they can get a license for the after hour, but they are over capacity and so many people got high and then they walk around and put the damage on every property,” said Forney.

Bosse expresses his condolences for the victims shot in the incident he says he hates that this happened.

“My heart goes out to those victims because I was young before too. Those guys did not come here to get shot. I don’t know what the narrative was outside I don’t know if there was a fight or argument. I don’t know what happened outside, but the fact that it happened here and my number one goal is to keep people safe, it breaks my heart,” said Boose.

He said he still wants to accomplish his goal of creating a positive and safe place for the youth.

” Some type of youth facility here right, so that this place doesn’t go down as another stab and gab place,” said Boose.

LPD criminal investigation said they’re still investigating the shooting and are asking the community for help.

They are asking if anyone has footage or information regarding the shooting to please contact the Criminal investigations Divison.

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