Altus City Council approves new police vehicles, redistricting wards

Published: Jul. 5, 2022 at 10:12 PM CDT
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ALTUS, Okla. (KSWO) - In Altus, the police department will have new vehicles soon and planning for a park downtown is underway.

Tuesday night, Altus City Council gave the OK to spend nearly $500,000 on seven new patrol and detective units.

City Manager Gary Jones said the city replaces about 7 to 8 vehicles per year to avoid spending too much at one time.

Jones said it’s much needed because some officers there are still driving units bought in 2007.

“Sometimes it’s a case where they have to double up, different things like that,” Jones said. “This way, those people that are out there performing a very difficult duty, providing the citizens’ safety, they’ll be able to have a vehicle they can depend on.”

He said they’d already started trying to buy the vehicles but some were backordered for over a year.

“We did have several ordered that they were actually canceled because of the supply problems and this way, we’ve been able to locate some that we can get in a more timely manner,” Jones said.

Council also approved closing a portion of Grady Street between Broadway and Commerce, to make way for a new community park.

According to Jones, it will make the area even more vibrant.

“This will allow us to have a spot that’s close to downtown, where we can have different events, have movie nights, have mini concerts, different things like that and just a gathering place, where people can come and enjoy the green space,” Jones said.

Finally, members redistricted the four wards within the city.

That’s after 2020 Census data showed fewer people living in wards 2 and 4.

“In certain sections of town, in the south section of town, we had some population decline, we had some population gains in the northern section,” said Communications and Special Projects Coordinator Chris Riffle.

Jones expects to start construction on the park within a year and officers to be driving new vehicles in a couple months.

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