Duncan High builds multipurpose facility

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 3:32 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Duncan Public Schools is building a new black box theater, which will double as a storm shelter. Officials say the shelter will protect students, and give them another space to learn.

Since August of 2020, D.P.S. has had a bond in place to build new storm shelters for their school system.

With this opportunity in place, Duncan High School gets both a versatile performance space and another safe space during severe weather.

“Superintendent Dr. Deighan, actually, with the help of our facility subcommittee and CMAR architect, they actually thought about doing a multipurpose facility. And so, we use the basis of the storm shelter, and now we have it where we can additional classrooms, a small dress rehearsal area, small performing area. It’s 6000 square feet, and will hold over 700 students in case of a tornado. So it’s just a great place for us to have a multipurpose facility, instead of justice storm shelter building put up on our campus,” said Dr. Chana Byerly.

Superintendent Byerly and Principal Lisha Elroy are happy about the community support, and having this new building on campus.

“They’ve had a great perception I think they’re ready to kind of see it put up and they understand the delays in this whole process with what’s going on all around us and they’re very supportive obviously since they passed the bond you know they’re concerned about our safety”, said Byerly.

“This is really exciting! I was actually just thinking about it this morning pulling up. Just coming to school every day this summer, and seeing all of the construction that’s going on. It’s just a really good feeling. I’m excited for our community. I’m excited for our students.”, says Principal Lisha Elroy.

As the leader of Duncan High School, Principal Elroy wants all of her staff members to be on the same page. Elroy says with this new building in place, each teacher who oversees a performing arts program will be given a chance to offer their students a new educational experience.

“That’s like a dream you know. When everybody comes together and have input which they did in this process and so I think I think it’s great that they’re getting this facility that we need, and you know that it’s multi-purpose. We’re gonna be able to use it for different things and you know they have some other areas where they can go and practice and you know not necessarily always have to share current auditorium. And so, I think they’re really excited about it and I’m super excited for them and for the kids that are in these programs,” said Elroy.

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