AC units break throughout Southwest Oklahoma

Published: Jul. 20, 2022 at 6:19 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - Consistent days of triple digit high temperatures put AC units at risk.

“We’re fielding as many call we just can’t take the amount of calls that come in. So we’re booking out three or four days out which is terrible for this for people to be without there conditioning at this time for that long sometimes. We get people that we get two days out one day out if we’re lucky”, said Mark Pippen, co-owner of Pippin Brothers Home Services.

With all of these units needing to be fixed, Pippin said the parts are tough to get, some easier to find than others.

“Parts have been a big problem especially parts that are under warranty. So we sold a lot of units and they have a warranty comes with them. Even if we were to service somebodies unit that we bought somebody else is still at the parts are still warranty mostly if they’ve had the unit service. It’s terrible like we’re waiting for over simple wire harness that was ordered a week ago that should’ve been stock”, said Pippin.

Pippin has some tips to help prevent your AC from breaking down.

“I would keep the blinds shut, limit the amount of times you go in and out the doors. Especially if you got kids like go through a door that has the least amount of connections to the outside like maybe you’re going through a garage then going outside,” Pippin said. “Make sure your filters are clean inside your house that’s a simple thing to do and that’s that’s another thing could cause you especially have pets if you have you pets you have to change those filters quite often.”

Pippen said to make sure to service your units before summer starts, to protect yourself and the home from high heat.

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