Water conservation issue in Cotton County Rural Water District 2

Cotton County Rural Water District 2, which also serves part of south central Comanche County,...
Cotton County Rural Water District 2, which also serves part of south central Comanche County, has announced a water conservation alert, due to the increase in drought conditions.(KSWO)
Published: Jul. 22, 2022 at 4:22 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - I spoke with the manager of this district David Rodriguez and he said the reason for this conservation is because of the severe drought and if it continues, the conservation will stay place.

“When we start getting the really dry weather and we start seeing our flows or the water demand pick up, we issue an alert”, said David Rodriguez.

While the drought continues, Rodriguez is asking the citizens of his district to no longer waste any water that doesn’t need to be used including watering lawns, trees, pools and washing cars.

“Water is a finite resource and you know we kind of take it for granted that you just turn on your tap and water comes out but one day that may not happen. You know our wells are recharged by rainfall and without receiving adequate rainfall or pumping levels could drop low enough to where we can’t keep up”, said Rodriguez.

I spoke with two citizens in his district and they say they agree with the conservation and want others to follow their lead.

“I feel the water conservation most importantly it is important to save water especially this time of drought. I have multiple friends who are farmers but also as a small business owner. I do a car detailing business as to my right, and I’m trying to conserve water as much as possible but still have my business going to I could support myself throughout college”, said Matthew Krieg.

“We’re doing pretty well right now on our pressure just running about I guess about 30 but during the evenings it gets slow because of people coming home cooking taking a shower and doing little bit of watering but we’re pretty right now we’re in good shape”, said Lonnie Snider.

Rodriguez says there’s a possibility the city may have to purchase water from elsewhere to keep everything flowing. Right now they are supplementing water from one of their suppliers.

“You know we’re in the business of selling water so it’s kind of a double edged sword. We ask for conservation then the revenues come down but if we had no water then there’s no revenue at all”, said Rodriguez.

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