Church break-in results in stolen historic documents

Published: Aug. 3, 2022 at 6:29 PM CDT
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LAWTON, Okla. (KSWO) - The Westminster Presbyterian Church has asked the community for help retrieving sacred historical documents, which were stolen from a safe during a break-in last week.

The documents stolen were the church’s history, from baptisms, marriages and salvation records. Reverend Devon Reynolds said the person who stole the documents is forgiven by the church and by God.

The Westminister Presbyterian Church said the break-in happened last week, and the groundskeeper was the one who made discovery.

“They came in, the doors were locked as normal, but when they went to the office door that’s when they found the door was closed. But, when they went to open it, that it was broken,” Reynolds said.

Reverend Reynolds said it will cost the church about $600 to repair things, but she is grateful because it could have been worse.

“They didn’t damage any of our sacred space, so we really feel like when they got into the office and they started rummaging around and the found the safe that they thought oh wow I got what I need and then left,” Reynolds said.

Reverend Reynolds said they don’t keep cash in the church, and that is what they believe the person who stole the safe wanted.

“We pride ourselves in helping our neighbors and welcoming everyone. And so, we hope that no one ever has to be in a desperate situation to break in when they can just simply ask for help,” Reynolds said. “You know God has forgiven you we have forgiven you and please just send those documents back. You can drop them in the mail you can drop them on the sidewalk”.

Reverend Reynolds said the documents hold no monetary value and would like the community to check when they come across discarded boxes of documents, because they might belong to the church.

“Pray that were all able to do better to care for our neighbors, so that no one is put in a desperate situation to have to break into any places just to survive.”

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